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11 reasons why 3CX VoIP can be the right solution for your business

3CX is a robust, full-featured communication system that allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime.

  • Telephony: Web client and mobile apps for remote work
  • Video: included in your system, no add-ons needed
  • Livechat: Real-time customer communication via your website or WhatsApp!
  • SMS: allows your customers to interact with your company instantly
  • Integrations: CRMs and Microsoft 365
  • Cost reduction: Savings on phone bills, add-ons & hardware
  • Flexible: keep existing numbers, dial any phones and providers
  • Safe: includes state-of-the-art safety features
  • Installable everywhere: Hosted or local, MiniPC, Hyper-V, VMware or KVM
  • Support: is supported by the vendor, direct support by 3CX
  • Popular: More than 600,000 customers worldwide are already using 3CX
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Cost reduction - with 3CX you can significantly reduce your telecom costs
  • Reduction of telephone bills by up to 80 percent
  • Licensing based on number of simultaneous calls instead of extensions
  • free calls between offices and branches
  • Free calls to external employees via web client and iOS/Android apps
  • Use of common SIP trunks to reduce outgoing call charges
  • Eliminate phone charges for 800 numbers thanks to Web RTC integration
  • Use of international DIDs and IP telephony offers competitive rates for calling customers
Safety & Backup

When it comes to VoIP security, 3CX sets the standard. 3CX's built-in security features are specifically designed to protect your phone system from attacks.

  • increased security during web server configuration
  • automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP attack tools
  • automatic update of the global IP blocklist for participating systems
  • Encryption of traffic to 3CX Apps via 3CX Tunnel
  • Encryption of voice traffic via SRTP
  • automatic creation and management of SSL certificates
  • A+ rating from Qualys Labs and A ranking from Immunilabs.
  • automatic failover for instant backup
  • Encryption between browser and website via HTTPS
  • Restricting access to 3CX Management Console based on IP address
More 3CX Apps & Features
  • 3CX Apps for Android & iOS devices
  • User-friendly web client & desktop apps
  • 3CX Live Chat: Customer communication at the next level
  • WhatsApp-Integration
  • Sending & Receiving Business SMS & MMS
  • Integrated video conferencing: free of charge for up to 250 participants
  • Call Flow Designer
  • CRM-Integration
  • Hotel telephone system
  • Call & Contact Center: Optimize your customer service, revenue, productivity and support with 3CX contact center technology.
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