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LOIDL Consulting telemedicine Project VIVID

VIVID - Easily measure, record and transmit vital data

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VIVID is a user-friendly platform for recording and storing vital data. This opens up new dimensions in disease management for coordinated, health-preserving measures.
VIVID can reliably detect any changes in the patient's health in time for your healthcare professionals before an acute condition exists.
Measurements to be taken, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, weight, activity, etc., are automatically transferred to VIVID, personalized by means of "hand signals" and entered into an existing IT system.

Personalization of client and staff is done via:
  • RFID
  • NFC
  • Bar code

The advantages of VIVID at a glance:

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  • Safety in care
    Automatic data processing from measurement to storage significantly prevents errors in the documentation of the care process.
  • More time for staff
    Reducing manual documentation efforts leaves staff more time for clients and other tasks.
  • Integrates with existing processes
    VIVID does not specify its own care processes, but can be integrated into existing processes.  
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructure
    VIVID is not tied to any specific IT system and is therefore particularly easy to integrate into existing infrastructures.
  • More flexibility
    Additional measuring devices, personalization options, interfaces to third-party systems can be added as required.
  • Data safety
    Exclusive use of existing infrastructures ensures that medical data NEVER leaves the company's own IT infrastructure.
LOIDL Consulting Telemedicine Project Keosity

Keosity – Tell your story

Keosity can be used to record one's life story using photos, pictures, mementos, references and relationships, life stages, places and time periods.
It's a new way to write your life story, biography or memoir without long texts and complicated structuring - on your iPad or Android tablet.

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LOIDL Consulting Telemedicine Project CAATS

CAATS - The complete digital solution in the care and support sector

For efficient and quality care and support in everyday life.
For more autonomy, self-efficacy and quality of life.

CAATS is an extensible, scalable base system for health and social care applications

It is recommended to use CAATS applications in the cloud (own instance or individual clients, each hosted in secure data centers certified for the data processing purpose); in exceptional cases, operation on premise is also possible.

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Currently there are about ten modules with which applications are realized such as.
  • Application for 24-hour care process and agency workflows
  • Application for wound management, digital support of the communication and documentation process for wound managers
  • Data hub Digitization of medication ordering in the extramural sector
  • Communication platform (chat, e-consultation, e-documentation) between caregivers, family caregivers and clients in mobile care.

The platform is developed using international standards of data processing in the health sector, is connected to national and international data sources for ontologies and terminologies (in Austria TerminoloGit and beyond SNOMED), and meets the high requirements for data and operational security through appropriate training, certification and testing measures.
The basic system is scalable, extensible and can be configured to the processes in your organization (low code). Where this is not sufficient, our development department also carries out the project planning and realization of customized. Individual modules for you and with you.

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