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LOIDL Consulting & IT Services GmbH - a reliable IT partner for more than 30 years

Our focus ranges from pure IT consulting to IT support and complex IT requirements of companies. In the course of a customized IT project, especially the social and communicative competence of our team is highly appreciated by our customers. For this reason, we can consider ourselves fortunate that we often maintain customer relationships that go back decades.

We have played a decisive role in shaping the transformation of IT in Austria for decades.

Over the decades, there have always been special IT challenges that we have been able to successfully solve and implement with well-known customers such as ÖNB, KELAG, Wien Strom, Bundesdenkmalamt, Raiffeisen Informatik and many more successful security and "centralization" projects or software development projects. In addition to IT support, LOIDL Consulting acts as HOLDING for investments in CareCenter GmbH and L.art Galerie GmbH. 

The SoLo / LOIDL Consulting company history

Founded and built up a small team for individual development and Novell networks under the name SoLo

Foundation of ARTICON and in the next 10 years focus on software development with GUPTA Network support with Novell

Operation of the first hosted self-created applications for approx. 30 sites (over 15 years)

Company share in GIBODAT (now CareCenter)

Reorientation of LOIDL Consulting (formerly SoLo.at) and GIBODAT (after majority takeover)

Support for customers on-site and in LOIDL's own data center, support for CareCenter as the market leader in the social, nursing and special health care sector

Our vision

At LOIDL Consulting, the focus is always on competent IT consulting (support and assistance) for our customers. 
We always strive to offer our customers the ideal IT solutions for their businesses and are happy to advise on IP systems, specific ERP systems, terminal servers, proxmox, VPN, WLAN solutions (outdoor and indoor).
The focus of our team is on IT support - either directly at the customer's site (Managed IT Services) or in our own DSGVO-compliant and ISO 27001-certified data center (Outsourced IT Services).
Another focus lies on software development from database connections and add-ons for existing solutions to complex new web applications and mobile APP's.

Loidl Support

We are here for you!

We are happy to take care of your IT infrastructure,
so that you can worry-free take care of the success of your business.

Simply arrange a consultation with us:

+43 (0) 720 270 790

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