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24/7 Monitoring – PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE

Our 24/7 monitoring of your IT and IT-supported business processes with immediate alerting in case of incidents or before incidents enables us in most cases to react early and to avoid such incidents!
Our IT specialists intervene proactively or are on call to resolve any problems that arise as quickly as possible, thus preventing downtime.
Avoid emergencies and identify bottlenecks, potential sources of errors and necessary design changes early.

Secure through 24/7 monitoring

By continuously monitoring your infrastructure through LOIDL Consulting Monitoring, we detect and correct anomalies before they become problems.

Quick response through PUSH service

If a malfunction is detected, our technicians are informed immediately via PUSH service. In most cases, problems can be solved before you and your employees notice anything.

This is because IT incidents usually cause chain reactions involving the loss of data and/or working time, lost sales, disgruntled customers and thus high costs. When a problem occurs, it is often already too late to ensure the unrestricted productivity of your company. That's why it's important to be proactive and hedge against all eventualities as much as possible.
By taking proactive measures, LOIDL Consulting monitors your IT-supported business processes using advanced monitoring software and alerts you to potential problem scenarios before they can cause damage.
This way, you are always up to date with the latest information and can make decisions based on it.
Should you deem an intervention necessary, our specialists are immediately available via remote access or even on-site. This way, you always keep the reins in your hands and cannot be surprised by IT problems in the first place.

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