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Reliable backups and an agile disaster recovery plan are your company's life insurance!

If one decides against managed operation in a data center, the ability to act in the event of a disaster can be severely limited depending on the planning and implementation of the software and hardware of on-premise infrastructures. Sufficient performance reserves and the implementation and (regular!) validation of on- and offline backups ensure that all parties involved can sleep worry-free.

Hyperconverged storage systems

To avoid having to resort to a backup in the first place in the event of damage, our customers use storage systems with self-healing distributed file systems. Unlike conventional storage arrays (e.g. RAID5), the data on them is automatically reallocated in the event of failure of one or more components, whereby the system prepares itself against the next failure. Depending on the design, at least 1/3 of the storage components can fail without entering an unsafe state.

On-premises backup

If data is lost due to a virus and/or ransomware attack or a hardware defect, backed-up data can be restored particularly quickly from backups that are always available on site.

External backup

To be best prepared against data loss, backups should also be stored externally and/or backed up to the cloud or an external location (such as our data center). Especially in case of disaster (e.g. water, fire) or attacks by viruses or Trojans on the backup infrastructure, it must be possible to fall back on such backups.

Despite a well-planned backup strategy, people often forget to adequately dimension the hardware required for operation in the event of an emergency or for a quick restore. Should such an event occur, many companies are unable to act for several days.

We are happy to advise you on the creation and validation of an overall concept against the disaster case.

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