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In addition to the support of your local infrastructure, we also offer the outsourcing of your servers and services to our own data center.
At LOIDL Consulting, we have been operating our own state-of-the-art, ISO 27001-certified high-security data center since 1999 - with partial or complete outsourcing solutions for satisfied customers!

Are you considering handing over the operation of your IT infrastructure to a trusted partner?

Here are 6 reasons why outsourcing your data center will bring you long-term benefits:

  • Reduction of your investment and fixed costs
    The trend continues each year that many companies outsource their infrastructure to a data center in order to reduce costs and simplify calculations.
  • A more stable network
    The redundant design of the Internet connection, power supply, hardware, the use of UPS systems, emergency power generators and sophisticated monitoring ensure highly available operation.
  • More data security
    The use of multiple firewalls, a well thought-out backup concept and regular hardware and software updates ensure maximum data security and availability.
  • Easy, location-independent access
    We have years of experience in networking sites and can provide external access with the best possible connections.
  • Differentiated backup procedures for increased data security
    We protect your data through regular checks and a wide range of backup technologies. Of course, we also offer you a disaster plan.
  • Scalable resources
    By operating a hyper-converged infrastructure, we can flexibly provision resources to meet the needs of your business.

Just book your customized package:

  • Complete outsourcing of your data center, or partial outsourcing such as your data
  • Outsourcing of your data center with our FULL Service "Carefree Package".
  • Mobility - optimal integration of mobile input devices
  • Cloud services, terminal services, database and server operations, mail services, helpdesk
  • IT operations for various industries incl. 1st - 3rd level support
  • Hosted Desktop in data center OR Hosted APP in data center 
Our decades of expertise make it easy for us to provide you with the best possible advice in your decision-making process on the following points:
  • Latest Microsoft software, to maintain DSGVO and security standards that can only be met to a limited extent without new investments.
  • We can gladly provide you with a cost, benefit calculation compared to support in an external data center.
  • A partial outsourcing of IT can again increase the performance of the network infrastructure in-house.
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